How do I get a Library card?
Take a look at our Get a Library Card webpage for details.

How old does my child have to be to get a Library card?
There is no age restriction on Library cards. However, minors age 17 or younger, must have a parent or legal guardian apply for the Library card and the child must be present at the time of application or pick up of Library card. Further details can be found on our Get a Library Card webpage.

Can I check out a book without my Library card?
A Cary Area Library cardholder, with less than $10 in fines, may check out without their Library card once a year with a driver’s license or state ID. We encourage you to always bring your Library card to ensure that your privacy and responsibility for items is protected. If carrying your card is inconvenient, we will accept cards that have been added to smartphone apps for storing membership and loyalty card information.

I live in Cambria. Why do I have to go to the Alqonquin Library to get a library card?
While Cambria is within the borders of the Village of Cary, the Library district border is slightly different. Prior to the development of Cambria, the Algonquin Public Library District annexed that land into their district. So, you must go to the Algonquin Library to register for a card. However, once you have your card you are welcome to use the Cary Area Library. 

How do I reserve the meeting room?
You may do so online – please visit our Book Our Meeting Room page.

Do you have any quiet study rooms?
No, unfortunately, we do not. We do have study carrels with electrical power for those with laptops.

Does the Library have a fax machine?
The Library has a self-service copier, which can also fax. For complete details about faxing, visit our Technology webpage.