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December 2016

There has been interest in using the study rooms, but unfortunately work on these rooms isn’t yet complete. The rooms will be added to our online room reservation system and will be available beginning January 16, 2017.

As of Wednesday, December 7 afternoon, the drive-thru book return is OPEN! The service window is first (ring the bell for assistance) and the returns slots are next. Use whichever return slot is best for the height of your car. The old return slots are now closed (and, in fact, bricked in).

The collections are in their permanent locations and end cap signage is going up as soon as possible.

Glass has been installed in the Flex Zone and programs have resumed in the space. The children’s area has some new early literacy play equipment: a light table and building table.

November 2016

Notice: The Library will be closed on November 14-16 in order to move shelving and collections. Off-site programs are still on as usual. Fines will not be charged for items due on these days.

Our new returns sorter is in place and working, so when you come in to return your items you may use it. The center of the Library (under the skylight) is nearing completion and the Service Center will be put together soon in this area. The study rooms are nearing completion as well. The Flex Zone is still being drywalled and painted. Furniture is being delivered for the conference and study rooms the week of November 21.

October 2016

Construction on the multipurpose room (to be called the “Flex Zone”) has begun and the construction on the study rooms will begin in earnest in the second half of October. The beginning portion of the children’s DVDs and the back portion of the adult audiobooks have temporarily moved– please ask staff for guidance.

The lobby and staff areas are almost complete. The materials handling system is due to be installed at the end of the month.

September 2016

PLEASE NOTE: We will be closed on Thursday, September 22 and Friday, September 23 in order to install the new HVAC equipment. There will be a crane here to lift the equipment onto the roof, so it is not safe to be in or around the building. Items will not accrue fines for these two days.

August 2016

  • The Service desk (questions and checkout) is now located on the west/left side of the Library, across from where the Circulation Desk used to be.
  • The lobby is being worked on, so pathways into the main part of the building have been set up. Bathrooms are still accessible.
  • The drive-up return and pick-up addition is under way.
  • The roof replacement is under way.
  • On Wednesday, August 17 there will be no Internet or phone service available in the Library. We will be open but some services will be unavailable.
  • We have ear plugs at the Information Center if you need a pair while visiting the Library on noisy days.
  • Plastic sheeting is up on the east side of the building, where work is being done in this first phase.

July 2016, Update #2

The Circulation Desk staff have moved to the Information Center desk. In order to checkout materials you will need to go there for service. The self checkout machine has moved to the other side of the Information Center, but is still available to use. The Holds pick-up area has moved as well, to the south wall of the Children’s Department, near the Early Literacy computers. Also, some shelving on the Adult side has shifted to make space for construction to begin. If you need help locating materials in this area particularly, please ask staff for help.

July 2016, Update #1

Preparations are underway for the first phase of the renovation; construction is scheduled to begin on August 2.

Some collections have moved: our magazines are now temporarily located on the Juvenile picture book shelving units in clear boxes, and books that were along the east wall have been shifted. In mid-July, Circulation staff will be moving to the Information Center. Once this happens, you will need to go to the Information Center to checkout materials. The self-check machine will also move, but will still be accessible and prominent.

Please bear with us, and if there are any materials or services you cannot locate, please do not hesitate to ask! 

June 2016

Bids were awarded at the June 9 Library Board meeting.

May 2016

The timeframe has changed to mid-July through mid-November. We don’t have any planned closures during this time. However, the need may arise to close for a day or two due to noise or safety concerns. We will notify the public as soon as possible in this instance through this website and social media (be aware that any closures on our part will not include late fees on yours). Lastly, we are unable to accept material donations until further notice and the Fall Used Book Sale will be cancelled.

Phase 1 is scheduled to begin in late July and last 10 weeks. The pick-up and returns drive-up will be constructed on the east side of the building and the main staff area will be impacted. The roof and HVAC system will be replaced.

Phase 2 is scheduled to begin in mid-September and conclude in four weeks. During this phase, the lobby and central areas of the main floor will be affected. Also, the study rooms in the corners will be constructed. This phase will be the most disruptive to patrons.

Phase 3 is scheduled to begin in mid-October and last four weeks. The collections will be re-positioned and the multi-purpose room will be renovated (see below to learn more about this space).

More About the Multi-Purpose Room:
One of the things patrons wanted from the Library is increased programming. Our answer to that is converting what is now a staff office and the little-used storytime room into one dividable space to use for more programs for all ages. We are already a makerspace. We provide opportunities with our art, craft, DIY electronic, LEGO, and robotics offerings. These are the types of programs that we want to move to this space, opening up the meeting room to other informative (or hands-off) type programming. Staff is excited about doing more with technology and DIY, hosting sewing programs, conducting fun collaborative community projects (who wants to help color a giant coloring page?), and using the space for early literacy play.

Overhead rendering of new layout (not all details are accurate)

Rendering of children’s area, multi-purpose room, and meeting room

April 2016

Please note that we will not be able to accept any book and material donations until further notice due to the renovation.

January 2016

The Library will be undergoing a renovation that is scheduled to begin on June 15 and end on September 27. It will be conducted in three phases, the most disruptive being to the staff areas. While we are also doing some necessary maintenance on the building, such as roof shingle replacement, HVAC updates, and lighting updates, the majority of improvements will benefit our patrons outwardly. Most significant to the plan are the new drive-up return and pick-up window, which will be a small addition to the east side of the building, rooms for studying or small groups to gather, and a multi-purpose room that we will use as a learning lab, maker space, gallery, and more. We’ll be shortening the length of the lobby, so that we have more actual space for library functions. We’ll have one main service desk, positioned closer to the door, and a service point near the public computers to help with questions there. We are also installing an automated materials return system, that checks items in as you return them, and we will be adding another selfcheckout machine. The summer newsletter will have any further information, and we will post any updates to this page.

October 2015

In July 2014, the Library completed a strategic plan. A citizen survey earlier in 2014 guided the plan. One item from the plan that was fulfilled this past summer, was to be open on summer Sundays. Thanks to all of you, the trial was successful. Going forward, the library board is working with the architectural firm of Engberg Anderson to determine how to create small quiet spaces and study rooms in the current library space. This will fulfill another of the items on our list of what library patrons want most at the Cary Area Public Library. If all goes according to plan, look for construction zones in the library in spring of 2016.

August 2015

The Library is in the planning stages of a renovation, which may begin at the end of this year. Ideas that we plan to incorporate include study rooms (an overwhelming request from users) and a “maker space” dedicated to technology and DIY. We also plan to re-arrange the library layout for better, easier use. This webpage (and our winter newsletter) will include any updates about the project moving forward.